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CAN DO Energy Solutions logo.In an environment where businesses need to reduce costs, CAN DO has put into place a program that assists companies in eastern Pennsylvania with saving money on energy.

CAN DO’s Energy Solutions program helps Greater Hazleton’s industries by providing companies with meaningful, practical energy solutions to reduce energy costs for years to come.

This chart explains CAN DO Energy Solutions at a glance.Through CAN DO Energy Solutions, businesses can realize cost savings by understanding the renewable energy options available. Financial packaging offered by CAN DO can make the project more financially attractive and shorten the payback period.

In addition to financial assistance, CAN DO can link companies with experienced energy companies with a proven track record and strong reputation.

Through the program, companies can receive just some of the following benefits:

  • A customized package to finance a company’s energy project
  • Identification of and assistance in the procurement of grant funding
  • Free lighting audits and lighting retrofits
  • Intensive, whole building energy audits
  • Audits on electricity use in the manufacturing process
  • Renewable energy opportunities from wind, solar and geothermal power sources
  • Ability of smaller users to pool their energy purchases through an on-demand program by local Chambers of Commerce
  • Reverse electricity auctions for large users

How does CAN DO Energy Solutions work?

A company reaches out to CAN DO expressing a need to reduce its electricity costs, or engage a specialist to look at options in a rising-rate environment.

Depending upon the company’s needs, CAN DO refers an appropriate partner, usually beginning with energy efficiency. Once the vendor performs an analysis, CAN DO works with the vendor and the company to identify funding for a company to help receive incentives for its project and reduce the payback period.

CAN DO sorts through funding such as grants and low-interest loans to customize a funding solution for eligible companies. Financing may be identified for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

For more information, please visit or contact Bernadette DeBias at (570) 455-1508.