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Romark webRomark Logistics' dedication and commitment to its customers is evident in the company's recent successes, which include a major facility expansion and the addition of a third facility. Company officials said that having immediate access to key transportation routes in Greater Hazleton plays a vital role in Romark's ability to better service its customers.

This year, Romark completed a 189,000 square-foot expansion to its Humboldt Industrial Park distribution facility bringing it to 712,026 square feet; and opened a 240,000 square foot, food grade temperature-controlled facility with the capacity to store up to 15,000 pallet positions. Ryan Ziegler, Romark’s Director of Facilities and Sustainability Management said the company planned the facility expansion to assist its main customer. Ziegler said that main customer was looking to consolidate its shipping operations to Romark's facility in order to better serve its customers across the northeast region.

Romark’s expansion is expected to add over 70 jobs over the next several years as its customers volumes increases. In addition to creating more space at its facilities, the expansion benefits Romark's external partners by adding increased business opportunities to local vendors and suppliers.

Ziegler said, “Having a location that is within two hours to all major ports and with direct access to all major interstate routes helps us serve our customers in the northeast region more effectively. We can serve the whole northeast quadrant of the country from our Greater Hazleton facility so it's a significant benefit.”

He also stated that Greater Hazleton's lower real estate costs, as well as a favorable cost of living, helps the company in terms of its operations and finding an available workforce.

Ed Whitesell, Romark's General Manager of Operations, said that the company's workforce played a part in making the expansion happen. “The commitment of our staff, our customer, and our Romark family made it possible. We now have a new canvas where we can continue to paint a picture of growth.”